Birds on a Branch Quilt

someone to watch over meThis quilt is called “Someone to watch over me”.  My sister is having a baby, and I wanted to make her something special for her room.  I picked this quilt, because it acts as a wall hanging now, and after the baby is born it will become a lovely “cuddle quilt.”

someone to watch over me close up


The template for the birds comes in the book.  I teach about applique options in my quilt classes.  You can blind stitch around the edges, or top stitch.  I simply fused the birds to the background and did a zig zag stitch around the edges.

someone to watch over me wool


With this wool version, I  hand stitched around the edge with embroidery floss. I’m still a sucker for cotton when it comes to comfort; but wool does give off a “royal” look.

patchwork and quilted gifts book


This book is worth having in your collection. Lots of fun and interesting sewing projects. Coasters, colored pencil holder, pillows, and quilts.

Happy sewing, Good living


Newsboy Hat

aqua wool hat

Lst year I went to see Newsies on broadway.  I have always been fond of the newsboy hats.  My mother gave me rements of this vintage wool fabric, and the pieces were perfect for this project.

DSCF0523I added some cotton velvateeen fabric for the band, and finished with a trim.



I used Mccall’s pattern M4607.

Happy Sewing, Good living!,


Charlotte Business Journal

Oh my gosh…………….no sewing tips today. The Charlotte Business Journal did a story about my little business her in Charlotte. It is well written, color pictures and all that stuff. My friend Rick is on the way to pick up additional copies for friends, family, and my dear clients who have been so supportive. I definitely will be posting it on my web site. Pretty obvious how excited I am.
Good sewing and happy living.

Fluted Skirt

flutted skirt pattern When I spotted this McCalls pattern (M6842), I had to have the skirt.  I am finally wearing it today.  It’s super comfortable, and has nice light movement.  I love the flare, and looks great with my fitted black top, and cardigan.  I would recommend you complete a straight zippered skirt before attempting this project. flutted black skirt



We finished with a rolled hem, but you could also do a nice 2″ hem. Like the pattern says, “t’s super easy”.

Happy sewing


Log Cabin

log cabin childs2

Log Cabin quilts first appeared in the US during the time of the Civil War. A lot of people associated these simple quilts with then President Abraham Lincoln. The President came from a humble beginning and represented the pioneer spirit that became the seed for our basic values. Log Cabin quilts were used to provide warmth and security during a difficult time in our nation’s history.

log cabin square childs

The blocks used to create these quilts are fairly easy. You simply start with a center square and then build around it. You can see that I started with green and added yellow, blue and finally orange.I used 1.5 ” strips here, but hey no set rules. You can use 2″ to 3″ if you like. Once you get in the groove you can complete this quilt in no time. I used the same technique to create the triangle block also pictured here. Pick some colors, cut some strips, grab needle and thread and put this simple quilt together. I call these Log Cabin quilts my “humility” projects. They are basic in nature and provide warmth for my heart.

log cabin triangle childs2

Happy sewing and good living!





log cabin square childs



log cabin triangle childs2


I used the same idea to create this triangle variation.

Pin, Tack and Sew

tina and lauren

We created a new method of matching corners in your quilt.  When matching corners, we learned that you can simple tack over the corner after pinning. Once your seam is perfectly matched up, you can complete sewing the rest of the row.  If you are new to quilting we teach this method in our beginning quilt class.

Modern Crosses quilt

modern crosses full

Log Cabin Quilts have been around since the 1840’s. They symbolize personal integrity, home, self reliance and family.  By simply sewing strips of fabric around a small square, you can create a block.  I got this design, from Modern Log Cabin Quilting, by Susan Beal.

modern crosses close

This kids quilt was made using my bright fabric stash, and clean white kona cotton.  There is a lesson to be learned, while working with white fabric.  Always press your fabrics to the dark side.  This prevents show through, on the front.


modern crooses pot holder

In yuor first quilting class, student have the option of creating this design as your pot holder.  It’s so easy, you might have time to make two.




Color Stories

color stories 1

I’ve got a way to find new color combinations.

Use your favorite items, and find inspiration.

A blouse, a painting, a book

It’s all around you take a look.

I found these photos, flipping through Vision window fashions magazine.

It’s easy to create color stories, as you soon will see.


color stories